Wednesday 18 May 2022
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Amazon Prime 1 Hour Delivery Service! (Prime Now)

Amazon Prime have introduced new 1 hour delivery service called Prime Now. Bad news is that its only in select areas of Manhattan (US) at...

Honest trailer of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I’m a complete Lord of the Rings nerd and i loved The Hobbit trilogy….. but this video is still hilarious! This video has had...

GTA V The Movie Trailer (Most Wanted)

This Grand Theft Auto V movie trailer is something else! I Would defiantly watch this film. The video has hit over 600,000 views in just 2...

Floyd Mayweather Breaks Silence on Pacquiao Fight

Floyd Mayweather Breaks Silence on Pacquiao Fight, Now thats a fight i’d like to see!