Guy Pranks His Wife By Filling Their House With Plastic Balls!

This guy fills his house with plastic balls to prank his wife!

This video has had over 7,500,000 views in just 1 day on YouTube.

The guy called RomanAtwood has made a bit of a name for himself doing pranks on youtube and now has over 5 million subscribers!

This video starts off with Roman Atwood phoning his wife who will be coming back home later in the evening, he plays off like he is going to be having a pretty boring day waiting for her but instead orders a lorry full of plastic balls.  With the help of some friends and kids he fills the whole ground level of his house with the balls and even throws in a trampoline so he can jump from his upper story down to the lower level, they later stack a load of balls up against the door so when his wife finally comes she is taken out by them! She takes it surprisingly well.  I bet that was a complete nightmare to clear up.

Please find the full video below:


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