Mom Told To Stop Breastfeeding Her Son Only To Learn He’s Been Having Nurse’s Breastmilk

There are so many experiences new mothers exclusively love sharing with their infants. Breastfeeding, swaddling and cradling them are a few that allow mother and child to cement their bond. But for one mother of two named Ashley chestnut, she was harshly robbed of a vital bonding opportunity with her 5-month-old baby boy.

30-year-old Ashley enjoyed taking care of her toddler and new baby, but when her youngest was just a few months old, she noticed something wasn’t quite right; the astute mother couldn’t pinpoint the problem, but she had a feeling something was wrong with her. It wasn’t until her daughter Gracie’s second birthday party when everything came to a head for Ashley.

She excused herself from the party to feed her baby boy, Easton. She felt a pang hit her shoulder and chest; she described it like a freight train crashing into her. It knocked the wind from her; Ashley couldn’t speak or move. She couldn’t write this incident off, not when it rattled her to her bones. She knew it was time to seek medical intervention.

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